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An Organic New York style pizza place in Downers Grove.


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Warning: Grub Hub is misleading for some items on the menu. The calzone dipping sauce, for example, is actually a filing. This made for quite the unpleasant discovery when I ordered an anchovy calzone with blue cheese dipping sauce, though I can't fault the restaurant for following my instructions. Nevertheless, if there's something in the description and a multiple choice box below it, take a good look before changing to something weird.
So far I've had a thin crust pizza, a calzone, a caprese salad, and the spiedies sandwich. Out of them I'd recommend the sandwich, as the flavor of the chicken is phenomenal and really went together better than I anticipated.
The thin crust pizza is an interesting mix, where the middle is fairly standard fare, but the perimeter is puffed up to almost a bread stick texture. This mix was excellent, as I prefer thinner crust pizza until I get to the singed edges. This, however, was a treat from start to finish. Cracker crust enthusiasts: Look elsewhere.
As for the salad, it was more or less what I expected. It was smaller than I anticipated, but the user of cherry tomatoes was an enjoyable flair and it tasted as great as I expected, so it all balanced out.
Finally, the calzone. Barring my warning above (seriously, make sure you select marinara) it was great. The flavors mingled together and the crust was terrific. It was also HUGE, think a 12" pizza folded over, making it almost too much to handle. The only part I didn't care for were the ventilation cuts along the top, which while it prevented me from biting into a pocket of superheated molten cheese like so many others, it also somewhat compromised the integrity of the crust and caused the contents to dribble onto my shirt. Definitely not something to order when you're wearing nice clothes.

Overall, this pizza place is a welcome addition to the others around here, creating somewhat of a bridge between the bready budget stands and the expensive artesian options. Strongly recommend


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I've ordered from them about 5 or 6 times now and feel I have a good grasp on much of what they offer. First, they tend to arrive earlier than projected, so that is nice. With that, the food is always nice and hit. As for the pizzas, I've ordered them for the whole office so I've tried a variety of them. I like them all so much but like the BLT and the Parthenon the best. Their pizzas are very much like what they offer in New York, which I didn't think I would like but I was pleasantly surprised. Crust is thin, not too crispy or doughy, and holds the toppings well. Everything is so fresh and high quality. And everyone at my office absolutely loves the cheese curds and broccoli cheese bacon bites.


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Our office orders from NY Pizza Pie quite often. Even with the recent price increase, the prices are still very reasonable. Orders have been very accurate. Food is very good and portions are above average. Only complaint is the toppings on the pizza are near non existent. The slice of pepperoni had 2 and 1/8 pieces of pepperoni on it and the specialty piece had 1 piece of sausage, 3 mushrooms and 1 piece of onion. This will not stop us from continuing to order as we still love the food and service but wouldn't complain if there were more ingredients on the pizza. Still highly recommend!!


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If you want real, and I do mean real, NY style pizza and other amazing food that is all done with organic products, all items on menu made in the restaurant, not from outside, packaged sources then this pizza place is the place for you I promise that! We've ordered from this establishment numerous times already and every time the food is amazing! The owner and drivers are amazing, generous and courteous as well and everything about this place is worth the order! If you wondered and haven't tried, you really should and do yourself a favor!


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BBQ Chicken Pizza is really good and the wings are great. Driver was on time, but apologized for not getting there sooner. Ordered from them a second time and again they were on time and brought free cookies for not being faster which was unnecessary but really nice because I got to find out the cookies are really good too. Good food and customer service, will be ordering from here again.

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Closest slice to The City you can find in the Chicagoland area

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Organic New York style pizza and wings, strombolis and calzones. Fresh farm to table, locally sourced, non-GMO, no antibiotics, no artificial flavors.